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angieslist01A lot of people have been asking me about Angie’s List and most of them ask whether Angie’s List is worth it. In case you are not familiar with Angie’s List, it’s a one-stop shop for everything related to services for the taking care of your home and your family. Instead of answering this question myself, I thought that it was best to search the web to find out what other people really thought of Angie’s List so that readers will have a better idea of the value of the service.

What I found out was that most people thought it to be a convenient, easy to use, and very affordable resource for finding the best contractors to use for your home improvement projects or for finding some of the best service providers within their neighborhood. People found Angie’s List to be a great time-saver and definitely an efficient way to check on services they are interested in using. People also had access to service discounts and coupons, which also saved them money.


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A common trend among users of the service is that a lot of them found great value in the collective feedback they got from other people on the contractors or service providers that they are planning to use, have used, or are using. In fact, I found this particular comment on one of the forums I came across very notable: “when you’re talking about the cost of a subscription/membership to Angie’s list v.s. the total cost of something like a kitchen remodel it’s really next to nothing and worth the price even if it only lets you cross a bad apple or two off your list of possible contractors to hire.”

Below are some of the feedback I came across regarding what people thought of Angie’s List. Hopefully these can provide you with answers on whether Angie’s List can offer you the value that you are looking for.


I have been a member of Angie’s List for a year and have used it to select a roofer and a garage door installer. I was able to eliminate a handful of contractors based on customer write-ups of their experiences. I held back the fact that I am an Angie’s list member during the estimate process, and revealed the fact to my final list of three bidders. Each offered Angie members a discount, but I wanted to make sure they didn’t bump up their estimates to recoup the discount. I did have issues with the roofing job that might have become contentious, but the fact that the contractor knew I would be writing an assessment of his work made him, I think, more amenable to acceding to my points. I am very satisfied with my membership.MES19,
202 I just checked out angie’s list. You have to PAY to read reviews?! Are you kidding me??? That’s insane.anon,
201 I have a yearly subscription to Angie’s List and the coupons on the site more than make up for the yearly fee plus getting A+ contractors for plumbing, electrical, carpentry has been invaluable. I highly recommend the service.amyeg,
201 This is where an annual subscription to Angie’s List really pays off … When we bought a bank sale home a few years ago I joined Angie’s List, as we were new to the area where the house was and had little knowledge of the local businesses. I believe I saved literally thousands of dollars when we did wice for window tinting services.MortonR,
201 I’ve used it for several years and have found it pretty helpful. As someone else mentioned, the bad review is a very powerful weapon when you’re dealing with someone that has f’d up. I put in a new a/c several years ago and it became a comedy of errors. One of the guys fell through my ceiling and left a gaping hole in the living room, the installed a faulty thermostat, they did a crappy patch job on the ceiling, they quit returning phone calls… the list goes on. I wrote a negative, but very honest review on Angie’s List which resulted in a rep from Angie’s List working with the contractor to resolve the problems for me. For the price of my subscription, they took over handling the problem and everything was fixed to my satisfaction, plus the contractor sent me a $500 check for my troubles. A couple of weeks ago, I woke up on a Saturday morning to water pouring out below my kitchen sink. I opened up Angie’s List and picked one of the top rated plumbers in my area. A plumber showed up at my house in 30 minutes (remember, it’s a Saturday) and fixed the problem. In addition to not ripping me off for the Saturday call, they knocked 20% off the price since I was an Angie’s List member. Well worth the price, in my opinion.royiv,
201 We have used Angies List very successfully, most recently this spring to find someone to replace our gutters. Earlier to find a plumber, after my old reliable retired. Tried to find info on a tailor, but not enough listed. So we don’t use it a lot, but have been very satisfied (and yes, I’ve posted positive reviews). bflohl2,

201 I have been pleased with Angie’s List. I hired someone to install plantation shutters on my screened porch last year and was promised 4 week delivery and installation and it took over 12 weeks. In the interim, nobody would return my calls….I was talking to the guy’s answering service and never heard back from him. Very frustrating. Shortly afterward, I joined Angie’s List (not because of that episode) and found several reviews complaining about a lack of responsiveness from the guy. Had I used Angie’s List to find a service provider, I never would have picked the guy to begin with and would have saved myself a lot of heartache. Since then, I have used Angie’s List to select an HVAC contractor, a body shop, and an electrician. All were excellent, fairly priced, and did what they said they would do … farce88,
201 I’ve used it. I found a contractor I really liked my matching my specs with theirs and there was a coupon for him on their website. I wrote a review of his company afterwards and hired him again. I don’t think the monthly specials that are sent to you are necessarily all that great—rather it’s a combination of your search criteria [I look for someone local, smaller, not a chain], good reviews from them for both quality and price, and, hopefully, a coupon as well. I renewed my subscription …anartist,
201 What you get from Angie’s List will only be as good as what the other people in your area who are members post on it regarding their experiences. I would say Angie’s list certainly shouldn’t be your only resource but when you’re talking about the cost of a subscription/membership to Angie’s list v.s. the total cost of something like a kitchen remodel it’s really next to nothing and worth the price even if it only lets you cross a bad apple or two off your list of possible contractors to hire. Though I will say, that if you live in the middle of nowhere or an outlying suburb of nowhere, it may not be as useful if not enough people in your area have used the local contractors and entered reviews and information.lillycoyote,
201 Sorry I can’t give a recommendation on a specific service, but I’d recommend joining Angie’s List (online service) and checking their reviews. I hire most of my needed services that way (plumbers, electricians, handymen, etc.). Good honest reviews on that site …BBatesokc,
202 I like angies list but i find it’s helpful only up to a point, especially for something really big like this. this isn’t a landscaper or chimney sweep, this might end up being “need to dip into my home equity line time” if you know what i mean.Pie O My,
201 I am in the midst of a comprehensive remodel. Angie’s List is freaking great. I created a spreadsheet with each job, went on AL to find 3-4 highly-ranked contractors, called to get bids, and several are currently working on my house. AL has already paid for itself because several of the contractors have AL coupons. Also, I have used the competing bids to get the selected contractor down. I just got 3 gutter bids and there was a big difference between them for the same product. The contractors who are on AL are very serious about their ratings, so you don’t have issues with unreturned phone calls or bad customer service. Great idea. I hope Angie gets filthy rich of this idea. The old days of asking co-workers and realtors for a good contractor are over.suttree,
201 I called Angie’s List for names of gutter cover companies and was given three to choose from. Gutter Cover of Kansas City was first on the list. I called them and three hours later Michael Rowland was at my home. I was impressed with all he showed and told me concerning the covers and the Company. I signed the contract at that time, not calling the other two companies. The installers did a beautiful job. I am most happy with the results. One of the men had to work alone the 2nd day. I was quite impressed with his workmanship and the long hours he put in to complete the job.D. Brown,
201 I signed up with Angie’s List for our first year in the house, hired 6 contractors – all different services, and have had not one issue yet. I highly recommend it for first timers and those without recommendations or plans for lots of work.Frankie J.,
201 The only problem I had when I tried Angie’s List is the guys with really high reviews have so much work … good luck getting them to come by and bid on a job.chris_ut,

201 I subscribed to Angie’s List when we needed to put on a new roof, and found our roofer that way. They were in the neighborhood and did excellent work. I also used Angie’s List when I needed a new car mechanic. I found a reliable shop that’s within walking distance.Dave,
201 I started to enroll in Angies List, and then got busy doing something else. The next day or two they sent me an email saying don’t forget to finish your registration and gave me like 40% off. So it was like $5 to join I think, and then you had to pay the monthly membership. It was less than $10, and I only was a member for a month-because I had gathered all the info I needed during that time. I hated to pay $10 just to get some info, when I didn’t even know if the people I was looking up were in there. And what quality the information was going to be. But to realize it’s $10 and in the scope of a big project it would probably be well spent not to get someone who does a hack job, or takes my money and runs.SpartyGirl,
201 I actually used Angie’s List to find a good reputable contractor for my remodel. It wasn’t that expensive considering the thousands of dollars I will be spending on my remodel. I had this contractor in mind to begin with, but I felt more satisfied after reading all the comments from local customers who were very happy. For small items I might not bother, but I’m not new to the remodeling game and have made errors in judgement in the past. So far, everything I read has been true, so I would definitely use Angie’s List again. It’s a great option for local contractors of any sort.singsing,
201 I finally went on Angie’s List (where I should have gone in the first place, probably) and took the highest-rated company I found there. It’s a mom and pop operation, locally run, and I could not be happier with them. Glad to recommend if you’re interested.David R.,
201 I am a member of Angie’s List and have found it to be a super resource for many kinds of contractors.nanj,
202 I found Angie’s List to be useless for us. We are too far from a major city to get anyone to travel out to us and very few businesses local to us were listed. It was really disappointing.glc1968,
201 I’m finding it interesting to see the big role that Angie’s List has started to play in this area. There are now Realtors being rated on that site. And I guess it’s a good thing …Patricia K.,
201 I highly recommend Angie’s List. You’ll need to buy a membership but it’s worth every penny.indylady,
201 [This is] another recommendation for Angies list. We’ve had the best luck with them. You can read real reviews by other people who have to pay to use the site. Yelp will sometimes offer some reviews but not as reliable in my opinion.Alexandria,
201 That being said, I also LOVE Angies List. When I first inquired about joining, I decided not to do it because I didn’t want to pay the “start-up” fee.asoctober,
201 … as with anything else, people don’t want to pay because they think they can get something for nothing. Angie’s List has a section specifically for automotive businesses. They are funded by the customers, and all of the feedback is provided by other consumers …Andrew,


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Above is a sample Angie’s List ratings report on a service provider.

Above is a sample Angie’s List member feedback on a service provider.

Did you find this article helpful? Have you used or are you using Angie’s List? Feel free to share your thoughts.



  1. d. rockfort says:

    Yes, I would have to agree with you that Angie’s List is a convenient way to hire a contractor. The fact that you can actually get unbiased reviews of contractors, makes Angie’s List an ideal place for consumers to do their homework. You wouldn’t want to get ripped off. no one would.

  2. Mark S says:

    I’ve used Angie’s List for 4 years. I find it very helpful. Some contractors prices are too high, but then I either don’t do the work or find an alternative. I’ve found some top-notch contractors on the site, and I’ve re-hired good contractors who are reliable, service oriented, and who most importantly work to get / keep my business. One of the positive experiences I have with Angie’s List is that the contractors who use the site reply to my requests for quotation very promptly. As with hiring any contractor, it is up to the buyer (me) to carefully choose the company that best fits my need and arrange payment schedule for big jobs so that it is advantageous to me and for to the company to complete the job to my satisfaction and get final payment.

  3. tedsmith543 says:

    As a member of Angie’s List, I can avail of a lot of discounts. That pretty much makes up for the membership fee. I really think it’s worth it.

  4. Joe-Z says:

    Considering how well Angie’s List has been working for me, the paid membership is money well-spent.

  5. RTYSN says:

    We all deserve good service. To get it, I would really recommend Angie’s List.

  6. spike says:

    I once hired a home decorator who was referred to me. We were not getting along and I learned that what worked for other people could not really work for me. That was time I finally signed up with Angie’s List. I can get honest to goodness reviews that can help me decide on the right contractor.

  7. fifteenkd says:

    Angie’s List is my reliable partner in all my major home improvement projects. I refer to the reviews before making any major decisions. The reviews really help me a lot. I get to see which company is really worth hiring.

  8. A.M. says:

    If you don’t want to get ripped off, then it’s a must to sign up with Angie’s List.

  9. monica says:

    I found a wonderful gardener on Angie’s List. He now takes care of our garden needs and he is doing a great job.

  10. greggie says:

    The only way to find out if Angie’s List works is to sign up.

  11. smartspender says:

    Hard-earned money should be spent wisely. I have Angie’s List to help me do just that.

  12. erths says:

    It really wouldn’t hurt to see what real people are saying on Angie’s List.

  13. curiousmissy says:

    I’m really curious about Angie’s List. I might as well give it a try.

  14. cb says:

    Consumers are protected with Angie’s List. It’s really about time someone thought of this.

  15. abbiec says:

    Angie’s List sounds promising. I’m giving it a try to find an interior decorator for our office.

  16. d-POWER says:

    With the onset of the digital world, I thought I could just depend on the internet to find anything I needed. But after learning about all the scams online, I’ve decided to protect myself. I’ve signed up for Angie’s List so I can find the right service for my home and personal needs.

  17. sonty says:

    I have saved up some money to hire someone to design our garden. I want a pool and a big barbeque place for guests. I am not about to waste my money on a company I’ve not heard of. I’m signing up for Angie’s List now.

  18. c-fell says:

    Word-of-mouth has become more reliable with Angie’s List 🙂

  19. Jackpot10 says:

    Angie’s List it really helps me choose the best one for the job!

  20. 2b-sure says:

    It’s really important for me to know what other people are saying about a certain service. That’s pretty much the reason why I signed up with Angie’s List.

  21. Sherry says:

    I’ve made it a habit to always check on Angie’s List before I seek out any contractor. It spares me from a lot of trouble really.

  22. fudgie says:

    I have been getting excellent service from the people I have found on Angie’s List.

  23. susie says:

    Aside from the reviews, I really take the ratings seriously. Those are my two important parameters in choosing a contractor from Angie’s List.

  24. happee says:

    Years ago, I depended on the yellow pages to find some kind of contractor randomly. Now, I have Angie’s List. I’m choosing better and I’m getting better services.

  25. jadox says:

    If I can get good and reputable contractors from Angie’s List, then it’s worth it to sign up.

  26. jr says:

    I always seem to get the right service providers from Angie’s List. The reviews and the ratings have guided me well to make the right choice. Angie’s List is a great help to consumers like me who want quality work done.

  27. lstein says:

    Nowadays, it’s better to rely on the reviews of people who had actually experienced the service. Advertisements just promote the service or the product. It will never tell the truth.

    • molly says:

      Your’re right about that! There are too many “scammers” out there desperate to make some quick bucks. I like that I can actually get the real score from actual clients.

  28. Tams says:

    Every tiime someone asks me if I know of any home contractor, I always refer them to Angie’s List. It’s the safest way for me and for any of my friends. My frineds are better of reading the reviews on Angie’s List than listening to me.

  29. Venus says:

    I’m new in town. I still don’t know a lot of people and I desperately need an electrician to fix the lighting system in our new house. It’s quite hard to find one. If I do find one, I won’t be sure of the quality of work. That’s why I am turning to Angie’s List. This is definitely not going to be the first and the last time that I will need some home services done.

  30. Impak says:

    Our faucet in the kitchen had been leaking for some time. I asked around for a good plumber but I could not really find one because I always got different names and feedback. Desperate, I searched Angie’s List for a plumber with great reviews. I was able to get in touch with one right away. That great experience finally got me started with Angie’s List.

  31. flipflops says:

    I am scheduling a major home renovation this summer and I am looking around for a contractor. I am definitely taking note of the 13 Guidelines in hiring eligible and professional contractors. Also, thanks for the promo code. I needed that.

  32. Iking says:

    Hiring a contractor means that you will be welcoming a complete stranger into your home. It’s a scary thought to trust a total stranger. That’s why I need to see what other people are saying. I can’t just rely on instincts and advertisements. It’s better to get feedback from other people who have actually experienced the service.

  33. Priceisright says:

    Hiring a contractor from Angie’s List gives me great peace of mind. I know that I will get good quality of work.

  34. Susie says:

    Angie’s List helps me make intelligent decisions. It pays to see what’s on Angie’s List.

  35. TheHanks says:

    Aside from the credible reviews that I can find on Angie’s List, I also get great tips and recommendations on topics such as home improvement and health. There’s just a wealth of information on Angie’s List.

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